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We find the talent, vet the talent, and deliver you hirable candidates.  After a consultation session we: Identify, Attract, Qualify, and Hire great people for the future of your organization!  

  • Are you anxious that your critical positions are open too long or going unfilled?
  • Is your HR team stretched thin and focused primarily on tactical issues related to compensation, benefits, policies, etc.?
  • Are you struggling to find and keep talented people as the market gets more competitive?

Since 2008, our founder Michael Duggan, has worked with numerous client companies across the nation from a variety of industries:  Pharmaceutical, Construction, and Healthcare.  Working with clients to solve their people problems.  Many of those clients had the following challenges: 

  • Few or no qualified candidates. 
  • Losing qualified candidates during the interview process.  
  • Wasting time with candidates who turn down their offer.  

We can solve these issues with customizable solutions that work with your organization and culture.  Contacting us is the first step in your journey to elevate your organization.  

Elevate Your Career 

Candidates Advance your career.  

We find the jobs, align your talent with the job, put you in front of decision makers, prepare you for the interviews, and negotiate an offer.  

  • Is your career stuck in a rut?  
  • Are you looking for a promotion to the next level?
  • Are you considering relocation and looking for a position in a new city?  

With over a decade of Executive recruitment experience, and in placing more than 100+ candidates with leading organizations across America, we have the experience to help you secure your next position.  If you have started looking on your own, you may also be experiencing some of these frustrations we often hear about:  

  • Applying online takes a ton of your time and energy.
  • After applying frustration with not hearing back from the organization?
  • No feedback - you have gone on a number of interviews without receiving an offer or receiving feedback. 
​We can help, contacting us is the first step in the journey to elevate your career.  

Why PEAK Recruiter 

  1. Proven Process
    Recruitment projects are only as successful as the preparation behind the process. With more than a decade of experience helping client companies Identify, Attract, Qualify, and Deliver top professionals from their industry we can get you across the finish line!
  2. 95% Offer Acceptance Rate
    Have you ever run a long search that leads to you finding your perfect candidate just to have them turn down your offer! Our qualification process ensures the candidates deliverability! Saving you time and money!
  3. 100 + Successful Placements
    Our team has successfully completed more than 100 projects and has more than a decade of Executive recruiting experience. You can sleep well knowing our team has a proven track record of success.
  4. 11 + Years
    Here at the PEAK we know firsthand the value of experience. Our expertise saves you time and money by avoiding common pitfalls that occur in the hiring process. Our average Account Executive has more than a decade of recruiting experience.
  5. Interim Leadership FAST!
    Need help fast? When you have a critical position and need someone on your team fast, we can work with you to identify an interim leader! From receiving your call to extending an offer, our average Interim fill time ranges from 5 to 7 days!
  1. "Mike is an outstanding account executive. Presented very well qualified candidates, did not waste my time with candidates that “might fit”. Very satisfied with his work. The real proof is Mike placed 2 great candidates in hard to fill positions. If I have a position to fill Mike gets the 1st call!”
    Al T. - Kingman Regional Medical Center
  2. “Mike is amazing to work with. He is so thorough in his work – because of his outstanding efforts and ethics, we now have a wonderful employee. Thanks so much!”
    Alicia C - St. Mary's Regional Medical Center
  3. “Everything was great. Mike Duggan was excellent to work with – he was available night and day – placed our person within days!”
    Anita G - Lima Memorial
  4. “My experience with recruiting firms has been limited. I am used to being contacted by a recruiter only at the first screening level. However, this was quite different and I am impressed with both the screening and preparation processes – Mike’s coaching helped me advance in my career.”
    Kathy R - Psychiatric Unit Manager
  5. “Would love to see us working together again. I am very satisfied with the contract we put together.”
    Connie S - Interim Surgical Director
  6. "Created a positive initial impression. Made a conscious effort to understand my company’s philosophy, goals and business needs. Delivered well-screened, qualified candidates. Mike and I have developed a great rapport with one another. He is the first person I think of if I’m considering an external recruitment firm to assist with a search for a leadership position.”
    Kim B. - WellSpan
  7. “Created a positive initial impression. Was thorough in defining my specific hiring needs. Delivered well-screened, qualified candidates.” “My experience has been very positive. I felt my account representative knew the industry, was thorough on his intake meetings and has provided viable candidates.”
    JoAnn C -- University Hospital
  8. “I appreciated working with Mike. He was honest and candid in the conversations and he presented us with viable well qualified candidates. Thank you for a great experience and presenting Erica to our facility; she is working out well!”
    Patricia W - Ephrata Community
  9. “Through sheer coincidence and perfect timing, Mike approached me as a recruiter for a job assignment that I potentially would have missed. His thoroughness and patience in assessment of client needs has resulted in a win-win-win arrangement for all involved. Without any reservation, I enthusiastically recommend Michael Duggan in his advocacy role as a recruiter. He is genuine, thorough, and excellent!”
    Vivian T – Interim Leadership - Health Information Management
  10. “Mike and I met over a phone call last year, right when I was looking for a hospital pharmacist position by the end of my residency training. His professionalism, genuineness and sense of humor impressed me from the day one. He was a good listener, well articulate, responsible and extremely organized person. He took his time to learn my skills, qualities, personality and most importantly my expectations out of a future job. He worked with me through each and every step while looking for the best suitable match. I believe he has a strong work ethic and never fails to follow up with his client. What I find most interesting about Mike is his sophistication, patience and accessibility. He is very friendly and reputable for his craft and service that he provides. My experience with him has been simply amazing. I know that I would definitely work with him in the future and I would highly recommend his service to my friends.”
    Dehali B – Leadership Pharmacy
  11. “Mike is a dedicated and driven recruiter. He really listens and understands precisely what the need is and executes for results, every time. I highly recommend Mike.”
    Joe P – VP Operations
  12. “Having worked with Mike in the past, he is very diligent, tenacious and hard working with any task at hand. His energy and passion for his work shines through all of his actions. He is a pleasure to work with especially in difficult situations and has a real can-do attitude. I really enjoyed working with him.”
    Lisa S – Leadership – Surgical Services
  13. “Mike was wonderful to work with. A true professional, he helped me to navigate and land my dream role. He is through, attentive to his clients, and brings a wealth of experience to his work. During the entire process, Mike kept me informed, and well prepared. I highly recommend his services.”
    S. Muna J – Leadership - Critical Care

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PEAK can work with your organization who is struggling to attract the top professionals in your field.  

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PEAK can work with you to Elevate YOUR career!  

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