We stand behind our work offering a 5-year Replacement Program!


If you are looking to hire critical positions for your team give us a call to discuss.

After a consultation session, we identify people meeting 90% + of your qualifications, then we attract and qualify a shortlist of candidates, assist with the interview process and offer! All while you focus on your primary day to day business. Let’s get those positions filled today!

Since 2008, our founder Michael Duggan has successfully placed 110+ positions across the nation. Working with clients when faced with the following challenges:

  • Few or no qualified candidates.
  • Losing qualified candidates during the interview process.
  • Wasting time with candidates who turn down their offer.

We can solve these issues with customizable solutions that work with your organization and culture. Contacting us is the first step in your journey to elevate your organization.

Winning the War for Talent

To secure and retain top talent in your organization, review these specific tips for successful candidate attraction. We are pleased to offer this video to our clients and candidates, and is a part of our search process. Our recruiters are always available as a resource to you.


Advance Your Career

We care about you, your life, and where you are in your career. We want to learn about your dream job, to understand that next step for you professionally and personally!

We then put you in front of decision-makers at the clients who have relevant opportunities, help prepare you for the interviews, and assist in negotiating an offer.

With over a decade of Executive recruitment experience, and in placing more than 100+ candidates with leading organizations across America, we have the experience to help you secure your next position. If you have started looking on your own, you may also be experiencing some of these frustrations we often hear about:

  • Applying online takes a ton of your time and energy.
  • After applying to feel the frustration of not hearing back from the organization?
  • No feedback - you have gone on a number of interviews without receiving an offer or receiving feedback.

We can help, contacting us is the first step in the journey to elevate your career.

Effective Resume Prep

A great resume won’t land you your next position, but it could cost you the opportunity to even be considered! This video will help make resume preparation a less daunting task, and provide some tips for format and content to help get you started.

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