PEAK process is all about our Clients

is Client Centric

We become part of your organization; your success is our success.

in execution

Every PEAK employee has 100+ Hours of annual skill training.

of results

Our industry leading metrics and experience delivers 97% of the time.


We stand behind our work are committed to doing great things for our clients.

It starts with gaining an understanding of your organization during the Client Consultation session.  

  • Core Values of the organization
  • Position requirements: Skills, Education, and Experience
  • What’s your story – What is exciting about your opportunity and organization
  • Existing leadership backgrounds and communication styles

We then Develop the Recruitment Strategy. 

  • ​​Identify Candidate Pool
  • Assess and rank 
  • Create messaging 
  • Create project timeline

Time to pick up the phone! Candidate Sourcing and Assessment requires excellent skills in breaking through resistance. We are contacting the top professionals in your market to discuss what is unique and attractive about your organization and opportunity. These are not people actively looking for a new job. Knowing how to attract someone who is happy away from their current role is our specialty.

  • Post – Email – Network to spread the word and create a Buzz in the market.
  • Cold Call outreach to target list.
  • Assess and Qualify interested candidates for CORE VALUE match!
  • Compare Candidates.

​Present Candidates to Client and schedule interviews.

​Preparation call with Client to cover candidates’ motives/interests. We provide coaching as requested:
  • Clients commonly ask for our help regarding interview strategy, process and skill enhancement.
  • Client conducts interviews and assessments.
  • Debrief – Rank – Candidate Selection.
Once a candidate has been selected, we assist you in negotiating an offer and gaining acceptance.
  • Offer Negotiation​.
  • ​​Extend Offer – Our team has a 96% offer acceptance Rate.
  • Onboarding – Alignment of details: start date, screenings, reference verification, relocation, etc.

Continual follow up with candidate and organization.

Scheduled check in calls with both you and the candidate. Start date, end of first week, month, three months, six months, annually. We want to be sure your new hire integrates into your culture and is adding value to your team as soon as possible.
As a trusted partner we then would like to assist with your next employment initiative. Ever consider adding a new revenue stream and need an expert in that space to help you create and deliver this new product? Helping organizations grow into their PEAK potential drives us every day!

The ability to Attract, Qualify, Hire and Retain candidates is paramount. One third of CEO’s say this is their #1 issue.

Companies across the country are struggling to find qualified candidates.

The employment landscape is ever-changing and there are a couple of factors that have led to the frustration we often hear about from our clients.

  • Top performers (Top 15-20% of productive employees) rarely look at job boards. When surveyed top-performing candidates overwhelmingly reported finding their current role through a trusted recruiter, and secondly through their own network of connections.
  • Candidates have more job options than ever; some industries are reporting 3 openings for every 1 qualified candidate
  • ​​​According to the AARP, 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every single day, and this is expected to continue into the 2030s. There are simply not enough workers to replace those retiring. Most importantly there will be vast shortages of higher-level proven and qualified leadership.

Engaging the services of PEAK will deliver your message directly to the top 15-20% of performers across the industry.

Ensuring your message is clear, consistent, and personally delivered to a targeted list of candidates is how successful healthcare facilities are growing. It starts with hiring the best candidates.

Top candidates who are already proven and successful in your industry are relished by their current employers. Not only do you have to overcome the likely possibility of a counteroffer, just getting the attention of their top performers is a challenge!

Those professionals are busy exceeding goals, and many understand the value of networking with a time-tested recruiter who can keep them aware of opportunities in the market. They simply don’t have to look for positions, they receive calls from us on a regular basis. Over time we develop relationships as trusted advisors who understand their current situation, family, interest, and goals. We understand the factors that an opportunity would need to offer to make sense for them to confidentially explore.

Many organizations, and many recruitment firms frankly, rely on bulk email and job board postings as their sourcing method.

In today’s highly connected electronic world postings and emails are lost in a mountain of communications. This is no longer a relevant way to source high-level candidates. To be successful you must have a strong recruitment process that identifies a specific list of target candidates. At the PEAK our skill sets, process, and network will give you access to speak with and hire from this targeted talent pool.

We can relieve your stress and sleepless nights spent worrying about how you’re going to locate, attract, and hire talented people to grow your organization!

By engaging the PEAK process this allows you to FOCUS on your core business and core customers. I won’t bore you with every detail of our process. Just know that you can leave the: strategy, candidate pool development, assessment, interview process, and offer management to us! Rest easy, we will do all the work!

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